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A standard of excellence in personalized dental care enables us to provide the quality dental services our patients deserve. We provide comprehensive treatment planning and use restorative and cosmetic dentistry to achieve your optimal dental health. Should a dental emergency occur, we make every effort to see and care for you as soon as possible.


“We apply an artistic eye to smile makeovers, and always consider your facial shape, the natural form of your teeth, and other factors so that you achieve optimal results. We invite you to view our gallery to see the cosmetic dentistry results we are able to achieve.”

As your dental health professionals, we want you to be confident knowing that we are a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians. We pride ourselves in providing the care you need to keep your smile healthy. To give you the best possible service and results, we are committed to continual education and learning.
Mona Lisa Smile Dental has a long history in San Ramon, California and has provided thousands of patients with top-notch dentistry services. Dr. Khandaqji and his associates are expertly trained, certified practioners who treat each patient with the individual care he or she deserves. Experts in their respective fields, their kind nature helps to ease the stress and worry that patients feel prior to seeing a dentist.

Building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as special individuals is vital to our success. We understand how uneasy some patients may feel about their dental visits, and how we can make a difference in providing a relaxing and positive experience.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the most advanced technology available.

We offer digital radiography, intra-oral cameras, Invisalign and we use the most advanced forms of teeth whitening. We can utilize In-Office Whitening procedures for immediate results or we have the At-Home Whitening Kits available, as well. With state-of-the-art treatments, we incorporate the latest in advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments, along with our longstanding tradition of excellence patient communication. We offer a warm office environment with an emphasis on teaching preventative dental habits to children and creating positive dental experiences.

screenshot-coloredA standard of excellence in personalized dental care enables us to provide the quality dental services our patients deserve. We provide comprehensive treatment planning and use restorative and cosmetic dentistry to achieve your optimal dental health. Should a dental emergency occur, we make every effort to see and care for you as soon as possible.

Nowadays, 3D CT scan is indispensable for safe implantation and surgical interventions. With the help of the 3D CT equipment we can make digital, three-dimensional X-ray shots without distortion. The recordings help our dentists get an accurate picture of the particular conditions of the jaw bone, teeth’s status and of joints.

Due to the clear diagnosis set up with the help of the 3D CT the risks of a dental treatment or surgical intervention can significantly be reduced. Compared to the two-dimensional image of the panoramic X-ray, the bone thickness and bone depth may also be seen here, so the interventions can be planned much more precise. Our implantologist can determine the location and the required size of the implant much easier. Recording a dental CT picture does not involve using a contrast material and does not cause any inconvenience to you. << See Details

lazerio-antgalis1Waterlase Dentistry uses laser energy and a gentle spray of water to perform a wide range of dental procedures – without the heat, vibration and pressure associated with the dental drill. With many procedures, it’s possible to use less anesthetic, and often no anesthetic at all. Dr. Khandaqji can often get you in and out of the dentist chair faster, since it’s less likely that you’ll need an injection – research shows that the vast majority of patients don’t. It’s nice to avoid that shot, isn’t it? Not using anesthetic can allow him to perform procedures that used to require more than one visit in a single appointment. Also, he can perform procedures that once meant an additional trip to a specialist, saving you even more time.
It’s more precise, lasers have long been the standard of care in medicine for many surgical and cosmetic procedures such as LASIK, wrinkle and hair removal and many others. Waterlase® was approved for hard tissue procedures in 1998 and since has been cleared for numerous additional dental procedures. The Waterlase® is extremely versatile. It can be used for a wide range of hard and soft tissue procedures. From decay removal, cavity preparation, root canals, smile design, gum and bone surgical procedures and many others. << See Details
Do you want a beautiful whiter smile today?

The Pola Advanced Tooth Whitening System gives you a fast whiter smile. An instant whiter smile boosts your self image and confidence. You will radiate. It’s true that you can quickly and easily reverse many of the discolorations in your teeth. The Pola Advanced Tooth Whitening Systems give you a choice of five products to choose from; Pola Day, Pola Night, Pola Office+, Pola Zing and Pola Paint.

The fastest way to get your glamour smile is an in-office procedure using the Pola Advanced Whitening System. Stop by our office on the way to work, at lunchtime, or just about any time to have whiter teeth in less than 30 minutes.

Could your teeth use a little brightening? You’re not alone. As many as 50% of Americans think they’re teeth could be whiter. Whitening your teeth just a few shades can turn back the clock, making you look years younger and giving you more reasons to smile. Dr. Khandaqji offers both in-office and at-home whitening kits from the Pola Advance Tooth Whitening System. << See Details

fawinteriors046-200x300Dr. Khandaqji’s primary goal is to provide exceptional and timely patient care. With CEREC, teeth can be restored in a single sitting with the patient, rather than the multiple sittings required with earlier techniques. Additionally, with the latest software and hardware updates, crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays can be prepared, using different types of ceramic material.

Most dental restorative methods require more than one visit to the dentist. This means that on the first visit, you get an injection of anesthesia, your tooth prepared, an impression taken, and a temporary restoration put on your tooth. You make a second appointment for a couple of weeks later, get another injection, have the temporary pried off and have a permanent restoration put on. With CEREC, the procedure is done in a single appointment, start to finish. With CEREC, we can use strong, tooth colored ceramic materials to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function. << See Details

Press Release-graphic (4)Smilepix is a digital imaging service that allows you to see what your teeth would look like if you were to undergo a cosmetic dentistry procedure. First, we will take a photograph of your teeth.

Then that digital image will be sent via email to Smilepix for digital enhancement. The Smilepix artist will alter the photograph so that it displays an example of how your teeth could look should you opt for a particular cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Then, you can compare your before and after pictures and decide if the cosmetic dentistry procedure will help you get the results you want.

The longstanding tradition of excellence in family dentistry is the basis for the professional care exhibited in Dr. Khandaqji’s practice. His goal is to preserve your natural teeth for life, while maintaining your oral health at the highest possible level. It has been proven that many systemic problems originate in the oral cavity. Good dental health will benefit you with an improved smile, better function, and an all-around healthier lifestyle.


Since most of our patients come to us from referrals by their friends or family, we strive to live up to our reputation of competence and personalized medicine. Read a few testimonials from Yelp and MerchantCircle below to see how Mona Lisa Smile Dental has helped our patients meet their individual dentistry needs. Scroll below to see all our reviews on Yelp or MerchantCircle.

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  • I hate dentists! I hate doctors! But not anymore!!!!! Dr. Mo and his wife Sahar are the BEST! This is the first time I have ever been happy to go into a dentist office. Sahar is always standing by when I walk in. Hugs!!!!! She is a super sweetheart. I love her. Dr. Mo has studied dentistry for a while and he knows what he is doing. The BEST dentist ever. I recommend Mona Lisa Smile. Thank You Dr. Mo and Sahar!
    Dena M.
    San Ramon, CA
  • We've had troubles settling on a nearby in-network dentist we can trust & who communicates. We came here mainly because they could fit us in for two appointments at the end of the calendar year. I think we got pretty lucky to find Mona Lisa Smile. So far this office works perfectly with Metlife PDP. Sahara verified all our benefits in advance. Dr. K is straightforward about explaining issues & very personable about discussing treatment options and life in general.
    Ria J.
    Danville, CA
  • Dr. Khandaqji and Sahar are the coolest, most interesting people you will ever meet. Dr. Khandaqji is extremely knowledgeable on so many different levels. He will help explain every detail of what he is doing, why he had to do it and how you can help yourself to get better. He is gentle and caring, which is awesome and makes it easier to visit the dentist. They really take care of you and help you with your issues. They are also really funny, which helps to make any discomfort easier to handle.
    Rosie M.
    San Francisco, CA
  • Our insurance changed which led us to find a new dentist.  When we stopped by Mona Lisa Smile Dental in San Ramon we were sold. The facility is spa like and Dr K and his staff are awesome.  They also have some pretty cutting edge 3D scanner.  If you're looking for a family dentist in San Ramon I'd highly recommend Mona Lis Smile Dental of San Ramon.
    Roger B.
    Dublin, CA
  • We have had the best experience with this office. The doctors are just wonderful. They are very caring and will do an extra step to make you happy. They have the newest equipment in the office and the most modern technologies. With all that, they will even SAVE you money. Unbelievable. My husband and I had several dentists, and would highly recommend this office.  Thank you so much, doctor. We brought our 2-year old daughter for a check up and she just loved her dentist ;). Thank you and we will be back.
    Kate B.
    San Francisco, CA
  • Dr. K is a WONDERFUL dentist and his staff are absolutely AMAZING. I use to hate going to the dentist with a passion, but now i don't mind at all. I actually live about an hour and 20min away from Dr.K's clinic  and I don't mind the drive at all. Even though there's many dentists in my area, none of them are like Dr. K so it makes my drive so worth it! At times it doesn't even feel like i'm going to the dentist, it feels more like I'm going to visit my friends.So to make it short and simple, this clinic is the BEST and is one of a kind. If you are looking for a new dentist I definitely recommend Dr. K. :]
    Dina A.
    Los Angeles, CA
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