So what are dental implants and what do you need to know about them?

Dental implants are a synthetic tooth root in the shape of a post that is surgically placed into the jawboneSan Ramon Dentist Dr. Khandaqji can evaluate your case and tell you if you are a candidate for dental implants. Structurally, a dental implant is a titanium-based cylinder that replaces the missing tooth root. After a period of time, other parts are placed on the implant to enable your dentist to eventually place a crown (cap) on the implant. Implants can also be used to support full or partial dentures, dramatically improving denture retention and stability.The ideal candidate for dental implants is a non-smoker who has good oral health, including a sufficient amount of bone in the jaw, and healthy gums with no sign of gum disease.

implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and also proved a fixed solution to having removable partial or complete dentures. Implants provide excellent support and stability for these dental appliances. People are living longer than ever, and while regular brushing, flossing, and checkups allow many of us to maintain our natural smiles for a lifetime, sometimes our teeth just can’t keep up. If you’ve lost a tooth (or a few teeth) due to injury or disease, implants can rejuvenate both your smile and your oral health.

Dental implant are synthetic tooth roots in the shape of a post that is surgically placed into the jawbone. The “root” is usually made of titanium: the same material used in many replacement hips and knees, and a metal that is well-suited to pairing with human bone. A replacement tooth is then fixed to the post. The tooth can be either permanently attached or removable. Permanent teeth are more stable and feel more like natural teeth. During the last 20 years, implants have become a desirable alternative to other methods of replacing missing teeth. Excellent success rates and a range of available options give Dr. Khandaqji a variety of new ways to treat and replace lost teeth with dental implants at our dental office in San Ramon.

Advantages Over Dentures or Bridges

Conventional bridges and dentures are not fixed to the bone, and can therefore be unstable. This can make it difficult to eat or smile with confidence. Dental implants not only look more natural, but feel and act more like normal teeth, with a stronger biting force. And because they don’t directly rely on neighboring teeth for support, they don’t compromise the health of your natural teeth. In fact, bridges are only expected to last seven to ten years, even less with root canals, whereas implants will typically last a lifetime.

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