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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions patients have about dentistry and oral health issues. If you have any other questions we would love to hear from you. Dentistry has advanced to an art and has changed people’s lives. Regardless of who you are, every smile has a little room for improvement. Today, with  there are several effective, fast and minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry options for improving the appearance of teeth..

Dental Faqs

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is dental treatment that improves the beauty and health of your smile. Nearly every  procedure has two elements: aesthetics and function. Quality cosmetic dentistry takes both of these elements into consideration; so that you may rest assured they will not only look great, but enjoy hassle-free long-term dentistry. Modern cosmetic dentistry has advanced to an art and has changed people’s lives. Regardless of who you are, every smile has a little room for improvement.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is an artificial cap that is cemented over a tooth to protect it from further decay and to fill out, or reshape, the tooth to its regular form. Whereas a filling is injected into the decayed area of a tooth, a crown caps it over, like putting the lid back on a bottle. They generally restore the natural look of the tooth better than a filling. Dental crown materials and colors vary, but for general reasons white crowns are common, although some prefer gold. Whereas dental crowns may be placed over a whole tooth, veneers are only usually capped over a small portion of the front of a tooth. Despite the differences, the terms are often interchangable.

What is teeth whitening and bleaching?

Teeth whitening and bleaching are cosmetic dentistry procedures to lighten the teeth and remove stains from their surface. With age, the mineral structure of teeth transforms and the enamel acquires darker shading. Enamel becomes more transparent with time. Millions of microscopic cracks occur on the enamel surface even while chewing.  There are many teeth-whitening methods such as bleaching gels, pens and strips, laser bleaching, natural bleaching, etc. The three main options are in-office cosmetic dentistry whitening, professionally dispensed take-home kits, and store-bought kits. In-office whitening is a bleaching method that employs peroxide gel applied to the teeth while protecting the gums. The procedure is repeated several times in fifteen to twenty-minute intervals.

How does professional teeth whitening work? Is it safe?

KoR Tooth Whitening by San Ramon Dentist Dr. Mohammad Khandaqji gives you a fast whiter smile which will boost your self image and confidence. Certain moments in your life are extremely special and unforgettable milestones. All eyes are on you when you are starring in the spotlight of your life, whether this extraordinary moment is your wedding, your graduation, a class reunion, a business interview, or making that first impression Teeth Whitening can help you. You want to look and feel at the top of your game at these important times. Your smile is one of the first things everybody sees, so why not get your teeth whitening started today so you can be your best? The cosmetic dentistry KöR System is comfortable and 100% safe for your teeth and gums. The result is a radiantly white, natural appearing smile that you will LOVE! It’s perfect for everyone, from ages 14 to 90! Because having whiter teeth has now become the number one aesthetic concern of most patients, there are a number of ways to whiten teeth. The most popular method is using a home tooth whitening system that will whiten teeth dramatically.

What is general dentistry?


Modern general dentistry offers a wide range of services to make sure your teeth stay healthy, function well and look great. These procedures include:

  • Cleanings & Oral Exams, to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and catch early signs of dental disease
  • Oral Cancer Screenings, to detect a dangerous disease that can be cured if caught early
  • Orthodontic Treatment, to move teeth into the right position
  • Oral cancer screening, to detect oral cancer before it’s too late.
  • Digital X-rays, advanced imaging options designed to save time, provide clearer dental photos, and expose patients to less radiation
  • Sealants, to help prevent cavities
  • Fluoride treatments, for decay inhibition and desensitization
  • Tooth Decay Prevention, so you keep your natural teeth as long as possible

What is dental veneer?

Modern metal-free cosmetic dentistry has evolved to a point where we can be much more conservative with tooth preparation. A veneer is essentially a conservative crown. Rather than encompassing the entire tooth, a cosmetic veneer covers the visible part of a tooth, preserving a large amount of the natural tooth structure. Veneers can straighten, lengthen, and whiten teeth to provide the desired smile and bite. Each veneered tooth must be shaped — an outer layer of the natural tooth structure is removed to allow space for veneer placement.

How long do veneers last?

When “seated” correctly, veneers are strong and can last for many years; even a lifetime with good oral care. Once in place, porcelain veneers look and feel completely natural, and they can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Many patients also elect to undergo professional tooth whitening before their porcelain veneers have been placed. Careful home dental care will result in long-lasting esthetic success of your new veneers. You may experience sensitivity to hot and cold after the placement of your veneers.

What are the benefits of Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive Dentistry is less costly, more comfortable, and far more enjoyable for all of us. Our goal is to have our patients eliminate cavities and gum disease through good oral hygiene, proper diet and nutrition, thus keeping dental problems to a minimum.

Dental cleanings and screenings. A dental cleaning (prophylaxis) is recommended every six months to remove dental plaque and stains you’re unable to remove yourself, as well as to check for signs of tooth decay.

X-rays. X-rays enable dentists to look for signs of dental problems that are not visible to the naked eye, such as cavities between teeth and problems below the gum line.

Mouth guards. Mouth guards – particularly a custom-made mouth guard prescribed by your dentist to provide a better fit – can be worn during sports activities to protect against broken teeth. Mouth guards also are used to treat teeth grinding (bruxism), which can wear down teeth and contribute to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

Orthodontics. A bad bite (malocclusion) can impair eating and speaking, and crooked teeth are hard to keep clean. Correcting an improper bite with orthodontics that may include the use of dental braces or clear teeth aligners (invisible braces), such as Invisalign or Invisalign Teen, limits the possibility of future dental problems.

Sealants. Sealants are thin composite coatings placed on the chewing surfaces of back permanent teeth to protect your child from tooth decay.

Avoid smoking and drinking. Smoking, chewing tobacco and alcohol consumption can negatively affect your oral health. Apart from dry mouth, tooth discoloration and plaque buildup, smoking causes gum disease, tooth loss and even oral cancer.

Oral health management. Consistent dental care for chronic dental diseases/conditions is essential for arresting or reversing their harmful effects.

Is Laser Dentistry safe?

Safe and Precise lasers for use in dermatology, ophthalmology and cosmetics have been around for years and so has the WaterLase. The WaterLase is cleared for numerous dental applications which can be performed on both pediatric and adult patients. It’s More Convenient even for those who floss, brush and use fluoride regularly, sometimes you still end up with a cavity. Between work, school, and children, plus everything else, there is no time to schedule another dental appointment. Now you don’t have to worry because your WaterLase dentist can do it all at the same time.

Is Botox cosmetic safe?

Everyone exhibits some type of facial wrinkling as they age. Botox has proved helpful in relieving pain and discomfort of TMJ and bruxism cases, especially for patients who are experiencing facial pain and moderate chronic temporomandibular joint pain. Dr. Khandaqji’s a Member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) has also been trained in esthetic cosmetic dentistry improvements. It is also very useful in easing the pain from TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) disorders and relief from migraines and various other dentally related headaches.

What are Fastbraces and their benefits?

An alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment that has been used across the country since 1992. They move both the root and crown of the tooth into alignment at the same time, making it a more efficient option than traditional braces. The primary benefit is a shorter treatment time. In the first year, the crown of your tooth gets moved into alignment. During the second year, the root gets repositioned. By combining these stages to realign your root and crown simultaneously, significantly reduces your treatment time. While it typically takes about one year to complete the Fastbraces procedure, some patients achieve their results in as little as three months.

What is restorative dentistry?

Today’s advanced restorative dentistry treatments and materials can make a real difference, and the skill, experience, and commitment of our San Ramon, California dental practice, using a unique combination of science and artistry, can literally redesign your smile. Even a subtle change in your smile helps you to project an image of self-confidence and high personal esteem. When you feel good about yourself, it shows in your appearance. Are your teeth and gums damaged by trauma, disease, infection, or other ailments? At Dr. Khandaqji, we can use restorative dentistry to make your smile new again. We offer a wide array of restorative dental services, including periodontal therapy, tooth replacement options, crowns and fillings.