Microscopic Dentistry enhances the quality of care provided through advanced magnification is remarkable

Dr. Mo’s use of Microscopic Dentistry enables him to provide a higher standard of careAt Mona Lisa Smile Dental, located in the heart of San Ramon, Dr. Khandaqji’s use of Microscopic Dentistry enables him to provide a higher standard of care. These loupes provide limited levels of magnification compared to Microscopic Dentistry, which uses a surgical microscope similar to those used by medical specialists and surgeons. This significantly enhances magnification levels, which means high quality care for our patients. Dr. Khandaqji utilizes state-of-art Microscopic Dentistry technology and digital x-rays to help him detect any problem areas early. By detecting decay and other dental problems early, he is are able to help patients avoid costly dental procedures. As one of the top dentists in San Ramon has, Dr. Khandaqji can help with whatever your dental need is. Whether it’s as simple as toothache or tooth decay or something more serious, such as chipped/cracked tooth or tooth loss.

Modern dentistry using Microscopic Dentistry has advanced to an art and has changed people’s lives. Regardless of who you are, every smile has a little room for improvement. What is Microscope-Enhanced Dentistry? With the turn of a knob with Microscope Dentistry, Dr. Khandaqji can see your teeth and gums at six different levels of magnification—from 3 to 20 times the normal size. Less than 1% of all dentists are currently trained and utilizing Microscopic Dentistry in their offices. Both of Dr. Khandaqji’s preventative dental hygiene and restorative operatories are equipped with Microscopic Dentistry.

The better that Dr. Mo can see something, the easier it is to see what exactly is going on and arrest possible problems before they grow

What does Microscopic Dentistry mean for our patients?

  • Procedures routinely performed without the need to administer anesthetic
  • Minimally-invasive procedures, and minimal patient discomfort
  • Microscopic Dentistry precision means beautiful cosmetic results
  • Faster treatments, mean less time in the dentist chair, with faster recovery time

From preventative diagnostics to procedures and recovery, Microscopic Dentistry uses the most high-end dental technology equipment available in dentistry today. Microscope Dentistry is an integral part of each step at Mona Lisa Smile Dental, enabling Dr. Khandaqji and his team to provide the most effective and accurate treatments.