WaterLase dentistry by Dr. Khandaqji, DDS – Maximum Comfort – Complete Efficiency – Stunning Results!

Revolutionary Dental Treatment Using The High-Tech Combination Of Laser Energy And WaterWaterLase dentistry is the first FDA approved anti-drill clinical dental cleaning and laser technology tools that DO NOT drill in to the tooth like “stone age” technology of yesterday. WaterLase dentistry is used for teeth, bone and gum tissue for hard and soft tissue applications. With waterLase dentistry San Ramon Dentist Dr. Mohammad Khandaqji can prepare for cavity care, caries removal, excavation, sealants and placement of tissue pits, fibroma removal, gingivectomy, homeostasis, leukoplakia, pulpotomy, cosmetic, endodontics, periodontal therapy and more.

Dental anxiety, whether mild or severe, can prevent patients of all ages from taking a proactive approach to receiving dental care. WaterLase dentistry works without heat, vibration, and drilling to provide a minimally invasive, precise, comfortable alternative to traditional treatments.

How does Waterlase work?

Laser dentistry has revolutionized the way patients receive dental treatment. WaterLase uses the high-tech combination of YSGG (yttrium-scandium-gallium-garnet) laser energy and water to provide a more comfortable dental experience with lasting results. WaterLase is so precise that Dr. Khandaqji is able to perform restorations to the teeth, gum, and bones without causing damage to surrounding areas in the mouth.

Is Waterlase safe?

WaterLase is safe and effective. First approved for use in 1998, WaterLase is now used by dentists around the world to deliver accurate, comfortable treatments that meet the needs of patients of all ages. If you’d like to learn more about WaterLase treatment, or find out if this is the right treatment for you, please contact our practice and schedule an appointment with Dentist Dr. Mohammad Khandaqji. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Laser Vs. Drill:

Dr. Khandaqji feels strongly about the benefits of using waterlase dentistry laser technology, as opposed to drills in dental procedures. With laser technology, Dr. Khandaqji can remove tooth decay with higher levels of precision. This helps harden the surfaces, preserve existing tooth structure and makes teeth more resistant to decay. Patients who receive fillings and sealants using the Waterlase dental device will have longer-lasting results with little-to-no anesthesia necessary. In addition, dental surgeries, such as oral surgery and gum surgery, have minimal complications with waterlase dentistry laser, including less swelling, bleeding, pain and infection. Because anesthesia is not needed, patients can reap a variety of benefits.